Cytostatics are medicines used in the treatment of cancer. They inhibit cell division and thus the growth of tumours. Cytostatics can be a health hazard if you come into contact with them occupationally. Some of them are carcinogenic or harmful to reproduction. Cytostatics can be absorbed into the body through the skin, blood contact and by ingestion and inhalation.

Research has shown that skin exposure is a very important route for exposure to cytostatics. Risk moments are:

  • preparing the administration of cytostatics at the pharmacy;
  • the administration of cytostatics in the nursing ward and outpatient clinics;
  • patient care and handling of excretion products (nursing ward, outpatient clinics);
  • cleaning work.

Every UMC has an up-to-date overview of the substances to which the specific cytostatics guidelines apply.

On this website you can find in Dutch what you can do to work safely with cytostatics and how your UMC and the government help you with it.

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