Laws and regulations

There are government regulations in place to promote safe and healthy working practices. The exact interpretation of them is left to employers and employees.

The following general regulations in the Working Conditions Act are relevant:

Article 3. lid 1

The employer pursues a policy geared towards good working conditions.

Article 3. lid 2

The employer must prevent risks and, if this is not possible, limit these risks

Article 5

The employer assesses the risks and draws up an action plan.

Article 8

The employer provides information, instruction and training to staff.

Article 11

The employee is obliged to cooperate in the safe use of the conditions and to perform work in a safe manner.

The following articles of the Working Conditions Decree apply specifically to dangerous substances:

Article 4.1b

The employer's duty of care.

Article 4.2

Evaluating further regulations on risk assessment.

Article 4.2a

Further regulations on risk assessment – additional registration.

Article 4.7

Measures in the event of unwanted events.

Article 4.10d Training and instruction.
Article 4.13


Further regulations on risk assessment.