OHS Catalogue of Regulations

The Working Conditions Act contains general regulations for safe and healthy working practices. Employers and employees may decide for themselves how to meet these requirements and record this in an OHS catalogue.

An OHS Catalogue outlines agreements on dealing with the key OHS risks in an industry. Employers and employees have jointly drawn up an OHS Catalogue for the eight UMCs. A catalogue consists of various sub-catalogues.

Works Council members also participate in the compilation of the catalogues. The Inspectorate SZW carries out a general review of the OHS catalogue. The Inspectorate SZW has approved the occupational risks of dangerous substances, physical load, KANS/RSI, cytostatics, inhaled anaesthetics, skin strain, aggression and violence, MRI and RA.

In 2014 the subject of pregnancy and work was added to the OHS Catalogue. The topics of infection prevention, PSA and animal allergy are still under development. The OHS Catalogue will be updated if it becomes clear that there are better ways of handling OHS risks.

General information on regulations and OHS catalogues:

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