Safe and healthy working practices

Your UMC considers it important that you work in a safe and healthy working environment, which is why your UMC aims to minimise exposure to hazardous substances. When working with hazardous substances, the safest possible products and procedures are used.

Your UMC follows new developments aimed at further reducing exposure to hazardous substances. If you come into contact with hazardous substances, you will receive information and instructions on how to work safely with hazardous substances.

New staff are informed in the induction programme. There are an emergency protocol and a work protocol in place that show how and under whose responsibility hazardous substances are handled.

All UMCs jointly maintain the OHS Catalogue of Dangerous Substances. A national database with information on hazardous substances has also been created and is being maintained in cooperation. Using the database you can learn about the hazards of a substance.

As a staff member, you share responsibility for a healthy and safe work environment by adopting healthy working practices. You can give your manager or the OHS advisor tips to improve your work environment.