Safe and healthy working practices

Shared responsibility

Your UMC wants you to be able to work safely and healthily. For this reason, your UMC conducts regular risk assessments that provide insight into the risks of infectious diseases. Your UMC will take measures to reduce and control the risk of infections.

As a staff member, you share responsibility for a healthy and safe work environment by adopting healthy working practices. You can give your manager or the OHS advisor tips to improve your work environment.

Risk assessment

As part of the risk assessment, your UMC assesses exposure to biological agents, focusing on the nature, extent and duration of the exposure of staff. Specific attention is paid to:

  • the information on the biological agent (risk categories)
  • type of work and sources of contamination;
  • the diseases or other adverse consequences that staff may suffer or have suffered;
  • Legionella control in water and air humidification systems;
  • vulnerable groups of staff, such as pregnant women, young people up to the age of 18, the elderly and people with immune problems.