H phrases

H phrases

In addition to the hazard pictogram, the labels of the dangerous substances also contain H and P phrases.

  • The H phrases are hazard statements (H of hazard);
  • The P phrases indicate precautions (P of precaution / safety recommendation ).

The H phrases replace the R phrases and are mandatory on the labelling of a pure substance from 1 December 2010. For a mixture, the obligation applies from 1 June 2015. This page contains a general description of the H phrases according to the GHS.

  • H200 phrases Physical hazards
  • H300 phrases Health hazards
  • H400 phrases Environmental hazards
  • EUH phrases

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H200 phrases

The H200 series of phrases contain warnings that relate to the material, physical hazards of a substance. The H phrases are divided into groups. For example, H phrase 220 through to H phrase 228 refer to a flammable substance.

  • H20x Explosion hazard
  • H22x Flammable
  • H24x Self-reactive, heating may cause an explosion
  • H25x Self-heating, pyrophoric substances
  • H26x Substances that can develop gases (including flammable gases) with water
  • H27x Oxidising substances
  • H28x Gases
  • H29x Corrosive to metals

Some examples of H phrases:

  • H224 Extremely flammable liquids and vapours
  • H280 Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated

H300 phrases

The H300 series of phrases contain warnings about the health hazards of a substance. For example, H phrase 310 through to H phrase 312 refer to skin contact.

  • H30x Oral toxicity
  • H31x Dermal toxicity
  • H33x Inhalation toxicity
  • H34x Mutagenic
  • H35x Carcinogen
  • H36x Teratogenic
  • H37x Causes damage to (target) organs

Some examples of H phrases:

  • H300 Fatal if swallowed
  • H318 Causes serious eye damage
  • H350 May cause cancer

H400 phrases

The H400 series of phrases contain warnings about the environmental hazards of a substance.

  • H40x Acute aquatic hazard
  • H41x Long-term aquatic hazard
  • H42x Hazardous to the ozone layer

Some examples of H phrases:

  • H411 Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
  • H420 Harmful to human health and the environment by ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere.

EUH phrases

The EU GHS or CLP also includes EUH phrases. These are H phrases replacing the old R phrases which are not included in the global GHS. They have the same number as the old R phrase. These EUH phrases are also divided into material properties, health properties and additional information about certain substances or mixtures.

Some examples of EUH phrases:

  • EUH014 Reacts violently with water
  • EUH029 Contact with water liberates toxic gas
  • EUH201 Contains lead. Must not be used for items…..

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